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Buy Gaming Gear for your setup at Joule Performance Austria

If you're looking for quality gaming gear, you've come to the right place. We offer a hand-picked selection of accessories for your gaming PC. With these high-quality and durable accessories, you'll be perfectly equipped for your next long gaming session! You'll find what you're looking for right here:

Why special gaming PC gear?

Why buy special accessories for the gaming PC at all, and not use cheaper alternatives from the all-rounder or office sector? Three points clearly speak in favour of gaming accessories:

  1. Stress: Regular gaming puts a lot of stress on your gaming accessories such as chair, mouse and keyboard. Several hours of sitting plus thousands of clicks and keystrokes add up quickly. Special gaming PC accessories are designed to withstand this strain and are correspondingly high-quality and durable. Standard accessories quickly break down. There's nothing more annoying than losing a game because the mouse broke down again...!
  2. Performance: Many games require maximum accuracy and speed. While the accuracy of your mouse is not so relevant when surfing, it can make the difference between victory and defeat in a game. The same applies to the reaction time of the keyboard and monitor. Therefore, special gaming accessories offer particularly high performance, precision and speed.
  3. Optics: Of course, optics is a matter of taste. But many gamers' hearts beat faster when it comes to stylish designs - not only for gaming PCs, but also for accessories! While office accessories are often kept simple and functional, special gaming accessories offer a huge range of visual highlights. From extremely elegant gaming chairs to fully controllable RGB lighting in mouse and keyboard.

Buying gaming gear - what's important?

The choice of brands, models and designs of gaming PC accessories is huge. If you consider a few points, you will find the best accessories for your gaming setup: 

Look for proven quality from specialised manufacturers. You can read more about why special accessories are important in the section above. We offer a select range of accessories from well-known manufacturers such as ASUS, Corsair, Logitech and Elgato (especially for streamers). The better the quality, the longer your mouse, headset and co. will serve you well.

Special gaming accessories should also offer individual customisation options. Not all gamers are the same, and not every game has the same demands on peripherals. Basics: A good gaming mouse should at least offer DPI settings, ideally with several profiles. Gaming keyboards should also offer profiles and customisation, ideally also additional freely programmable macro keys.

Ergonomics are an important factor for gaming chairs, so that the gaming session does not end in back or neck pain. When buying, look for comprehensive adjustability, ergonomic support functions and the right material.