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Find the ideal external SSD for your needs

Why choose an external SSD?

In our digital world, fast storage and quick data access are more important than ever. An external SSD is fast, reliable, and compact.

Whether it's for work, gaming, or personal projects, these portable drives are very robust and extremely fast. They are ideal for gamers and anyone who is often on the move and values quick loading times.

The benefits of an external SSD

Speed and Efficiency

External SSDs, especially external SSD drives, are much faster than traditional external hard drives. They offer quick read and write speeds, which speed up your work and reduce your game loading times.

Durability and Safety

An external SSD drive is shock-resistant and less prone to physical damage, as it contains no moving parts. These are ideal for travel, especially for gamers who want to keep their game collection safe and protected.


Portable SSDs like the Samsung Portable SSDs stand out for their lightweight and compact design. They are perfect for gamers who often travel. They are easy to carry and can be easily stored in a bag or even a pocket.

Key features to consider for an external SSD

Storage Capacity

Choose an SSD with enough storage space for your needs. Gamers need an SSD with at least 1 TB to have enough space for games and to load them quickly.


Make sure the SSD is compatible with your operating system and gaming devices. Most SSDs work with Windows, macOS, PlayStation, and Xbox if they support external storage devices.


Pay attention to the type of interface used. USB 3.0 and USB-C are common and offer excellent transfer speed. Some models also support Thunderbolt 3, which allows for even faster data transfers and thus shorter loading times.

How to choose the right external SSD for gaming

  1. Determine your storage needs: Think about how many games you want to store and the size of their files.
  2. Check compatibility: Make sure the SSD works with your gaming hardware.
  3. Compare interfaces: Look for the fastest possible connection to minimize loading times.
  4. Consider your budget: High-performance SSDs can be more expensive, but the investment is worth it for an optimal gaming experience.


An external SSD is a good choice for anyone looking for a fast, reliable, and mobile storage solution. This is especially true for gamers who want to play their games without delays.

An external SSD drive offers you the best performance and security. You can store large files for work or have your game library with you on the go. Discover the freedom to transport your data and games quickly and safely, wherever you are.