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Gaming chairs - a Joule Performance Austria quick guide

People who spend a lot of time sitting risk experiencing physical health problems over time, and that applies to both work and gaming. According to studies, gamers spend about four hours a day in front of their PCs. Sitting time can extend to up to 9 hours as a result of other activities (and who among gamers hasn’t sat for even longer than that?). Because of this, it’s important to have a suitable gaming chair that protects your back and joints.

There are plenty of chairs out there, from office through to executive options. But gaming chairs are the right choice for gamers as they combine the ergonomics of a high-quality office chair with stylish aesthetics. The right gaming chair not only adapts perfectly to your body, but also reflects your personal taste. There are a wealth of chairs to choose from, ranging from inexpensive models that offer little in the way of adjustment to sophisticated professional chairs with features of varying degrees of usefulness, such as built-in speakers and lighting.

What should you be aware of when buying a gaming chair?

The look of a gaming chair matters, but it shouldn’t be the only reason for buying one. There are a few aspects you should keep in mind when choosing the right gaming chair for you:

  1. Height and weight: Many gaming chairs come fitted with a gas lift piston. Check a chair’s maximum weight capacity beforehand. Your height is another key factor to consider to make sure that the support elements for your back and neck work as they should. Your gaming chair should definitely be height-adjustable so that you can adjust it to your leg length and table height.
  2. Adjustability: Your gaming chair should offer a variety of adjustment options to ensure a perfect fit for your body. At the very least, you should be able to adjust the height. The backrest should be adjustable too. As should the armrests, ideally in 4D: vertically, sideways, forwards and backwards. The rule of thumb here: your gaming chair is adjusted correctly if your arms (on the armrests) and legs (on the seat) are at a 90-degree angle.
  3. Support: The gaming chair should support your back and neck to avoid strains and muscle tension. A good quality gaming chair should offer appropriate support. A neck support or neck cushion should definitely be included. The backrest of good gaming chairs are padded to provide lumbar support. A movable lumbar cushion adds extra comfort.
  4. Gaming chair material: There are a wide range of different designs and materials as well as material combinations available for gaming chairs today. The most popular options on the market are
    1. gaming chairs with fabric upholstery
    2. gaming chairs with PU synthetic leather upholstery
    3. gaming chairs with real leather upholstery
    4. gaming chairs with Alcantara upholstery
    The material used for upholstery doesn’t just make an aesthetic difference. We’ve included an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of each material further down.
  5. Quality: There are gaming chairs for all budgets these days, ranging from 100 to over 1,000 euros. In terms of visual appeal, there’s something to be found in all price ranges. The quality of the gaming chair, however, is reflected by the price. A chair costing 100 euros is not likely to provide premium upholstery, durable materials and optimal ergonomics. Experience shows that if you choose a gaming chair at the lower end of the price scale, you’ll end up having to buy another when the back pain kicks in. So, consider the above-mentioned aspects first when making your choice (body size, adjustability, support) and only then factor in appearance and your preferred material. This will enable you to find the ideal gaming chair for your budget, one that will keep you (and your back) happy long-term.

What is the best material for your gaming chair?

Upholstered gaming chairs come in all manner of materials and material combinations, from fabrics to fine leather. They differ in appearance, feel, durability and care requirements. Which one is ideal for you, is something only you can decide:

  • Gaming chairs with fabric upholstery:
    • Advantages: Fabric is affordable and breathable. There are lots of colour options available. A good choice for pet owners; fabric tolerates minor scratches, e.g. from cat paws, compared to smooth materials like PU synthetic/real leather.
    • Disadvantages: Fabric upholstered gaming chairs are time-consuming to clean. Odours can also take hold. Low-quality fabrics wear easily.
  • Gaming chairs with PU synthetic leather upholstery:
    • Advantages: A similarly elegant look to leather, but significantly less expensive. Cleaning is quick and easy.
    • Disadvantages: Less breathable than fabric, less durable than real leather with extensive daily use. Low-quality PU leather may contain harmful softeners.
  • Gaming chairs with real leather upholstery:
    • Advantages: Luxurious look and good breathability. Gaming chairs with real leather are also very durable as the leather is hard-wearing.
    • Disadvantages: Genuine leather is expensive to buy and requires more care than PU synthetic leather. Each type of leather also has its own care requirements.
  • Gaming chairs with Alcantara upholstery:
    • Advantages: Very durable and hard-wearing, which is why it is most commonly used in cars. Alcantara is warmer than leather in winter and cooler in summer. Easy to clean and scratch-resistant. A pleasant, soft feel.
    • Disadvantages: Alcantara is more expensive than standard fabric or PU leather upholstery.

Alcantara gaming chairs from Joule Performance Austria

Looking for a gaming chair that’s ergonomic as well as smart and durable? Then a gaming chair from Joule Performance is the perfect choice. We offer two options:

  • Gaming Chair Raid upholstered in Alcantara and PU synthetic leather
  • Gaming Chair Storm or Stealth upholstered in Alcantara and real leather

Regardless whether you opt for the lower-priced PU leather or the real leather version, you won’t find any compromise on quality. All Joule Performance gaming chairs are designed with optimal flexibility, ergonomics and durability in mind:

  • Hard-wearing seat and backrest with genuine Italian Alcantara
  • Solid metal frame and load capacity up to 150 kg
  • High-quality cold foam padding
  • Memory foam lumbar and head support
  • Armrests with 4D adjustment options
  • Backrest with ultra-flexible tilt function
  • Stylish embroidery on seat, backrest and cushion

Joule Performance Austria gaming chairs are the result of extensive research, rigorous material testing and numerous prototypes. Our aim: to provide you with a chair that makes both your back and your eyes happy for many years to come. That’s why we only work with the best materials and the smartest designs, from the castors right to the very last seam.

It’s all about genuine #swisscraftedgaming with top Joule Performance quality!