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Entry-level gaming PC - solid performance at the best price 

Anyone who wants to join the gaming world or who simply needs a gaming PC with solid performance for occasional gaming does not necessarily have to dig deep into their pockets. Entry-level gaming PCs offer a ton of gaming enjoyment for not much money if they are configured correctly. 

An entry-level gaming PC does not have to be the most powerful or most expensive hardware on the market. Entry-level PCs must have a solid 3D performance so that most games run smoothly at full HD resolution. This is based on a sensible combination of a graphics card, processor and RAM, as well as sufficient hard drive storage for your current and future favourite games.

The advantage of any gaming PC: The computing power is always higher than with a pure office PC. That is why even low-cost, entry gaming PCs are flexible all-rounders for the office, surfing and gaming.

Checklist: Buying the right entry-level gaming PC 

You should especially pay attention to the following points as the basis for smooth gaming when buying an entry gaming PC:

  1. Powerful graphics card: The graphics card is the heart of any gaming PC. The graphics card should at least come from the middle performance segment and offer a minimum of 8 GB memory for an entry-level gaming PC.
  2. Sufficient random access memory (RAM): Games have different requirements on the random access memory: The more elements that have to be calculated simultaneously, the more RAM is needed. An entry-level gaming PC should have at least 16 GB RAM.
  3. Large data memory: Games are becoming increasingly more realistic and therefore are hungrier for memory. At least 500 GB of data memory should be installed in an entry-level gaming PC for an initial small collection of games and the necessary data for a quick system start.
  4. Upgrade options: Games continuously evolve, which is why a low-cost entry-level gaming PC should too! The most important thing is space for more hard drives as the collection grows and open RAM slots for more random access memory.

Buying the ideal entry gaming PC from Joule Performance Austria

Our roots lie in high-end gaming PCs and water-cooled gaming PCs. We have specifically developed the JOULE FORCE series to offer beginners and budget gamers a cool gaming experience too. Joule FORCE systems meet all of the standards of perfect entry-level PCs, at a fraction of the price:

  • Graphics cards from current NVIDIA and AMD series offer great gaming optics at full HD resolution, with full ray tracing support for an even more realistic gaming experience.
  • At least 16 GB RAM from renowned manufacturers, such as Corsair Vengeance, are installed in all Force models. Some models even come with 32 GB RAM straight away.
  • Fast memory is not a luxury with Force, but a standard! Every system has at least a 500 GB SSD installed.
  • All Force models offer comprehensive upgrade options with open slots for hard drives and RAM cards. In addition, we offer an upgrade service for all Joule Performance systems: We help you to find the upgrade that works best for you, and supplement or replace components if you need more power.

Moreover, we test the performance of all entry-level gaming PCs for popular games. This way you already know before buying at how many FPS your favourite games will run! No surprises, no compromises! Simply use our Pathfinder or the FPS check as a product filter.

Joule Force – Find your ideal entry-level gaming PC quickly: