Parker Kugelschreiber

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System FPS

With this FPS check, you can quickly and transparently find out the performance of the selected game in Full HD, WQHD and 4K resolutions. How you can pre-sort the desired performance among all systems is explained here:

Loudness (volume)
dB(A) Ingame

This is the indication of the real measured value and a simplified illustration to classify how loud this system got in our standardized test procedure. How the procedure looks like and how the values are to be interpreted to the volume unit db(A), you can find out here:

W max.

Nature and energy have an increasingly important role. Therefore, all systems are measured for the effective energy consumption in the respective usage scenario and indicated with the maximum load. In the case of gaming PCs, the real consumption while enjoying current games is determined and not the theoretical maximum value of all components under unrealistic full load scenarios. Regardless of the determined value, however, all systems are guaranteed to be equipped with a sufficiently sized power supply.

Package Content
Characteristics Pen
Brand Parker
Enclosure colour Black
Packaging Material Carton Box
Quality Premium
Logo Type Special Logo
Logo Color single white
Refinement Method Engraving
Product dimensions
WidthCM 5
HeightCM 3
LengthCM 15
GrossWeightKG 0.1
NetWeightKG 0.08
CountryofOrigin CN
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