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Looking for efficient and fast solutions for video and/or image editing? A wide range of suitable systems allows you to make the perfect choice at the right budget. From 1080p, 4k to state-of-the-art 8k productions, all performance classes are covered and, with our advice, also offer the intended utility value for the upcoming project.

In no other segment is the balance between acquisition costs and necessary performance as decisive as in the field of video & image editing. That is why we are the ideal contact partner, because as Swiss we know how to deal with efficiency in particular.


In order for you as a designer, architect, product designer or technical planner to be able to work as productively as possible, you need the right CAD/CAE application on the one hand and the right workstation on the other.

Our experienced customer advisors are not the only ones available for uncomplicated advice. Our guide to buying workstations provides tips and insights to help you make the right choice for your project. We also provide the right selection of highly efficient workstations.


The right presentation is crucial for the customer's first impression. With digital signage solutions from Joule Performance, the right hardware is already assured. Whether for digital room signage, customer information of all kinds or effective advertising across a huge video wall. Our media players are perfectly prepared for every application.

At a consulting appointment, our account managers ensure not only the performance but also the necessary interfaces for the ideal advertisement. For united enthusiastic customers!

Professional computing solutions by Joule Performance Austria

Hybrid work models and a high degree of flexibility are in demand in the professional sector. We offer everything you need for work or personal use. From small and quiet systems to high-performance office PCs, we have something suitable for everyone.

  1. Workstations | Powerful and Highest Quality
  2. Desktop PCs | Quiet, reliable, and integrable
  3. Laptops | As lightweight as possible, with the necessary power
  4. Mini PCs | Best performance in the smallest space ...

Joule Performance workstations

Our range of workstations is based on the latest components and unparalleled performance. Quality and years of experience allow us to assemble your device like no other.

If you require a high level of power, for example, for 3D/4D rendering software, CAD applications, or the Adobe portfolio, then you've come to the right place.

When purchasing a Joule Performance workstation, you can't go wrong.

Joule Performance desktop PCs

Perfect fit, that's our motto when it comes to buying a desktop PC. Our various office PC models offer you exactly what you need, whether it's power or a compact form factor. Of course, with the familiar Joule quality and our high standards for component selection.

In our opinion, a good desktop PC should meet the following criteria:

  • Compact
  • High-performance
  • Reliable
  • User-friendly
  • Quiet
  • Value for money
  • Integratable

Joule Performance laptops

When it comes to laptops and notebooks, especially in the business sector, mobility and flexibility are crucial. The Joule Performance Professional series offers lightweight and high-performance devices that operate silently.

Since Windows laptops have become the daily companions for many people, no one wants to feel like they're carrying a bag of bricks in their backpack. Our motto here is the smaller and lighter, the better.

Joule Performance mini PCs

Our mini PCs conquer without being seen. When space is limited or when excessive power is not required, our mini PCs fill the gaps. Whether for personal use or integrated into your business network.

These little helpers are perfect for everyday use, regular office tasks, and simple creative tasks.

Still have questions about purchasing your professional device? - Ask the experts!

We understand that even the most well-aligned selection can be challenging and make the decision-making process incredibly difficult. We are here to support you at any time in purchasing a desktop PC, mini PC, laptop, or workstation. Together, we can find your perfect device through phone, email, or live chat.