Real FPS data for all our Gaming PC


Probably the most significant indication of a PC's performance for gamers is the "Frames per Second" (FPS) for a selected game. The higher this value, the better. The art of correctly interpreting and assessing the performance of current hardware is not given to everyone. Especially nowadays, when the performance required for higher resolutions can vary many times over.


Precisely because not everyone can be an expert and we don't want to put any obstacles in your way when buying the PC of your dreams, we give you this information about every gaming PC in our range.

Select your game, your desired resolution and the desired average FPS in the Pathfinder on our homepage or in the filter options of the category pages and we will show you our gaming PCs that meet your requirements within a few seconds.

You can choose from the known resolutions: 

  • Full-HD (1920 x 1080 Pixel)
  • WQHD (2560 x 1440 Pixel)
  • 4K (3840 x 2160 Pixel)

In combination with the relevant FPS levels:

  • 30+ FPS
  • 60+ FPS
  • 120+ FPS

You have found your dream PC and are wondering how powerful it is in detail in many games? Simply select the games you want on the product page of the gaming PC and note the change in FPS values for the individual resolutions. 


What is our process?

Similarly to our procedure for the noise development of the gaming PCs, we determine the value of the FPS with a uniform process. This means that every gaming PC is tested under the same conditions as far as possible. Ideally, the games have a predefined test course with an integrated benchmark, but this is not the case everywhere. As a rule, most games are therefore tested in-game under real gameplay conditions. Depending on the sequence, number of players or the use of current patches, the value can vary. 

Regardless of the sequence, our procedure always provides for the test in all three specified resolutions. In addition, the highest settings are used everywhere. The use of enhancing technologies such as FSR, DLSS or ray tracing usually remain deactivated. If these are activated in the test, this is explicitly mentioned.


Please note: The FPS given is a guide to the average achieved and not a guaranteed value. The FPS may vary depending on the chip quality of the processor and graphics card. In particular, we have no influence on programmes, add-ons or modifications running alongside your games.


How are the values to be interpreted?

But what do the measured FPS values actually mean for your essential gaming fun? Basically, you can start from the following description:

  • 30+ FPS - Playable, but with visible delays.
  • 60+ FPS - That's how fluid gameplay is supposed to be. From here on, the fun really starts.
  • 120+ FPS - Especially important for fast games such as shooters or racing games - if your display also supports the frequency.

The effect of different FPS values can best be illustrated in a slow-motion video. Here you can clearly see how much image information is lost or hidden in a fast-paced shooter at low FPS.