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Stream like a pro! – with streaming PCs from Joule Performance Austria

Whether you’re live streaming on Twitch, or making Let’s Play recordings to post on YouTube – if you’d like to share your passion for gaming with the whole world and build up your own community, there’s one thing you need above all else: a powerful streaming PC!

We have a hand-picked selection of streaming PCs with different price and performance classes: from simple all-in-one cooling, to streaming PCs with custom water cooling. Every streamer and content creator will find their ideal streaming setup here.

In our special streaming range, you’ll find everything you need for Twitch, YouTube and other platforms:

What really matters when you’re buying a streaming PC?

Playing the latest games with a high resolution and smooth FPS places high demands on the hardware. Whether live or recorded, simultaneous streaming increases these requirements even more. So a streaming PC must deliver high performance to ensure that there are no frame drops while gaming and that the recording and streaming quality also remains consistently high.

The CPU for a streaming PC should offer at least eight cores for smooth multi-tasking. So AMD Ryzen, not to mention Intel i7 and i9, processors with up to 12 cores are superbly suited to streaming.

For parallel gaming and streaming, you need a particularly powerful graphics card. GPUs of the Nvidia RTX 3000 series have been tried and tested and are particularly well suited to streaming thanks to NVENC video encoding technology. By the way, the higher the resolution and frame rate, the more graphics memory your streaming PC should have. We recommend at least 8 GB for flawless streaming.

It is critical for streamers that all components have sufficient memory. At least 16 GB or, even better, 32 GB of RAM form the foundation of short loading times and quick data processing during recording. Hard drives should offer at least 1 TB of memory. There’s nothing worse than when the hard drive ends up full in the middle of a game – and the recording disappears…

Finally, the streaming PC’s noise level is important too. Studies have shown that viewers switch off faster when watching videos with poor sound quality than when watching videos with poor picture quality. So a good streaming microphone is a must-have accessory. To avoid background noise like annoying fan noise, your streaming PC should be as quiet as possible with the likes of high-quality fans and quiet cooling systems.

That’s why you should buy streaming PCs from Joule Performance Austria:

Streaming places special demands on a PC. Far too often, gaming PCs that don’t meet these specific requirements at all are offered as streaming PCs. With the Darkstream series, we’ve worked closely with successful streamers to develop systems that are optimised for simultaneous gaming and streaming.

The Darkstream high-end streaming PCs are available in different versions:

  • Darkstream: Powerful streaming PCs with AMD or Intel processors in a classically elegant look with AIO water cooling
  • Darkstream Mini: Compact streaming PCs that fit in small streaming corners and yet don’t sacrifice on performance
  • Darkstream Pro: Optimised performance for 4K streaming with the most powerful CPUs and graphics cards, plus huge SSD storage and RAM up to 5,200 MHz
  • Darkstream HydroX: For pro streamers who want EVERYTHING! Maximum performance for 4K streaming, the very best cooling performance thanks to custom water cooling and breathtaking visual appearance

Features that all Darkstream series PCs offer:

  • CPUs for powerful multi-tasking: With AMD Ryzen 7/9 or Intel i7/i9 processors with up to 16 cores as an option
  • The best streaming graphics cards: Specially selected RTX 3000 series GPUs with the latest-generation NVENC chips that prevent performance drops, especially when recording in 4K
  • Integrated capture card: Each Darkstream streaming PC is equipped with an Elgato capture card for smooth 60 fps recording up to 4K resolution. This eases the strain on the graphics card and also enables recordings from consoles or a second PC.
  • Low noise development: Optimised so you can concentrate on your streaming activities. No Darkstream system is louder than 38 db(A). More about the noise rating of our gaming PCs
  • Top quality at all levels: Because perfectly coordinated, high-quality components are the only way you can create equally high-quality content – with absolute reliability!

Whether you’re an amateur Let’s Play streamer or a Twitch pro, you can create an ideal streaming setup with a streaming PC from the Darkstream series and the recommended gear in the Joule Performance shop.

Are you new to streaming or undecided which Darkstream system and accessories are right for you? Our professionals are happy to help! Simply contact us and let us offer you individual advice.