What makes our Gaming PCs

The noise rating of our Gaming PC

Strength lies in tranquillity. A well-known saying from the vernacular, the interpretation of which has also made a special entry into our industry of gaming PCs and workstations.

Real FPS data for all our Gaming PC

Probably the most significant indication of a PC's performance for gamers is the "Frames per Second" (FPS) for a selected game. The higher this value, the better. 

Our specially tailored offers

Project Black - WD Black achieves a new dimension in performance

Black. One universal color. In the right form seductive, powerful or simply elegant. There is more to it than just using it.
There's a passion behind it!

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Equal to the variety of aircraft - from light aircraft to commercial airliners in the game, we have the right foundation for your trip with our Microsoft Flight Simulator Gaming PCs.

Project Unity - Equipped exclusively with TUF Gaming

Everything from one world - the Joule Performance "Project Unity" gaming PC brings the ASUS "The Ultimate Force" (TUF) components together to form the ultimate unit.