The noise rating of our Gaming PC

Strength lies in tranquillity. A well-known saying from the vernacular, the interpretation of which has also made a special entry into our industry of gaming PCs and workstations. After all, efficiency is far from interference. We at Joule Performance have a clear position on this: In tranquillity lies our expertise!

In our efforts to build the best gaming PCs and workstations, we do not focus solely on brute performance. Our own claim, the construction of technically flawless products, includes in particular another rare predicate: a quiet PC.

From the very beginning, we have paid attention to low noise development in every PC system for pleasant operation - within the framework of the respective price/performance segment. This does not exclusively involve the use of silent components. Some components are deliberately not among the most powerful products on the market, but that is not the only goal. Not at all, the art is to achieve the optimal balance of undiminished performance and the lowest possible noise development with meticulous fine-tuning!

We now disclose the result of this knowledge transparently to everyone. Thus, all gaming PCs, workstations or other IT products offered are specified including the real noise development. 


What is our process?

Our procedure in our own test laboratory in Switzerland is standardised and is carried out identically for all systems to ensure a meaningful comparison. For the most realistic reproduction possible at the place of use, the method requires that the PC is set up on a table at a distance of 60 cm from the microphone at head height in a sitting position.

We consider utopian continuous load benchmarks, which in no way come close to real gaming scenarios, to be inappropriate and misleading for this purpose. For us, the measured value always corresponds to the real measurement in benchmarks of current top games after approx. 20 minutes of running time. 


How should the information be interpreted?

To give you a better impression of the values, we have compared them with daily conditions:

  • 30-35 - The oppressive silence of a very quiet room. Perception of one's own breath.
  • 35-40 - Your refrigerator, which hopefully has at least efficiency class A++. Think of the environment!
  • 40-45 - A light summer rain. Add to that a nice skylight and the first people are already falling asleep.
  • 45-50 - The constructive discussion of colleagues at Joule Performance to create this page.
  • >50 - Category 12 hurricane with tornado warning. Admittedly, a bit of an exaggeration, but let's be honest: we don't build anything louder than a normal conversation between people. If you do get a device above this noise level, it is probably a defect. Just contact our support team: Support Switzerland |   Support Germany | Support Austria

Note, however, that the human perception of sound is nevertheless a completely individual sensation. Every person reacts differently to the continuous ticking of a wall clock. Perception is also always dependent on the interval and frequency range of the sound. For example, the chirping of birds with an open window is much louder, but is perceived less by many than a minimal, continuous power supply noise.