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Buy Desktop PC at Joule Performance Switzerland 

At Joule Performance Switzerland we understand that the desktop PC has become irreplaceable in our daily lives. Regardless of whether we need it for the home office, for leisure activities or for professional use, a powerful desktop PC is an indispensable tool in the digital age.

What criteria should you consider when buying a desktop PC?

A reliable desktop PC is not only worthwhile for work, but also serves you well for many other tasks after work. Here are a few examples for which a desktop PC is ideal:

  • Simply use your desktop PC for relaxed surfing or streaming.
  • Do office work quickly with Office or other common programs.
  • Work through school, college or other study assignments smoothly.
  • Tackle small creative projects with simple image or video editing.
  • Manage small file collections such as photos, images or videos.

For all of these everyday tasks and more, a simple, affordable desktop PC is the ideal choice.

However, if you want to carry out complex photo and video editing on your desktop PC, you should make sure you have a good graphics card, an SD card reader and a fast SSD. These components guarantee smooth performance when processing large amounts of data.

If you also like gaming on your desktop PC, we recommend you take a look at our gaming PCs. These are specially designed to meet the demands of gamers and offer excellent performance for an unforgettable gaming experience.

Desktop PCs in business have to be economical. This means they must offer short response times within the applications used and maximum reliability over the calculated period so that employees can work productively without hindrance.  
This is what companies look for when buying desktop PCs: 

  • Performance
    The performance values must fit the area of application. The choice of processor and the size of the RAM play a central role. A fast SSD for the operating system ensures fast start-ups.
  • Noise level 
    If the PC is located directly at the workplace, it is worth paying attention to the noise level. High-quality fans run more quietly. In a spacious tower PC, the components can be kept cool more easily and with fewer fans than in compact cases.
  • Easy integration 
    To integrate new desktop computers into a company's IT infrastructure, the PC must have the right interfaces so that it can communicate with the surrounding networks and peripherals. This is the case in an office environment, but even more so in an industrial environment.
  • Price/performance ratio 
    Desktop PCs for productive work in the office or at home do not have to be expensive. Especially if the range of applications is manageable, an ideal price/performance ratio can be achieved with a solid Joule Performance Office PC that is limited to the essentials.  
  • Reliability 
    Should a desktop PC run eight hours a week or 24/7? This has an influence on the choice of components used. If the PC is to run around the clock, by the way, it is worth paying attention to the power consumption, because there are considerable differences.