Elgato Cam Link 4K

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Field of Application
Gaming Application Video Capture
Transmission Corded
Required Interface HDMI
Product dimensions
LengthMM 15
GrossWeightKG 0.12
NetWeightKG 0.12
WidthMM 12.5
HeightMM 4
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pdf DS_ELG_ELG-10GAM9901_01_ENU.pdf pdf 417 KB Download
pdf DS_ELG_ELG-10GAM9901_02_DES.pdf pdf 418.4 KB Download
pdf DS_ELG_ELG-10GAM9901_03_FRS.pdf pdf 419.2 KB Download
pdf DS_ELG_ELG-10GAM9901_04_ITS.pdf pdf 418 KB Download
pdf DS_ELG_ELG-10GAM9901_05_ENU.pdf pdf 418.3 KB Download