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Buy gaming PCs with confidence at Joule Performance Switzerland

Joule Performance is the point of contact for gaming PCs of all kinds. We welcome everyone: Price-conscious, demanding gamers, enthusiasts and “PC Master Race” fans. It doesn’t matter if you want to immerse yourself in Full HD, WQHD, 4K or in Virtual Reality play worlds, Joule Performance Switzerland not only has the best PCs for you, but the right

What you see is what you get. Nothing less than an excellent piece of craftsmanship with all the components and as an overall work of art. Selected and manufactured with painstaking dedication. Our claim, put simply, is: #swisscraftedgaming

What gaming PC should you opt for?

The quality of a gaming PC can be securely measured based on the equipment. The pure performance, the dedication to an ultimate RGB feeling, the gracefulness of materials such as metal and glass or the attention to detail in the craftsmanship.

Plenty of features and yet the question can be answered quite simply: The one you picked. On a subjective level, there is no better gaming PC than the one you enjoy using the most. It’s just that the right selection is the hardest decision of all. Experts at Joule Performance Switzerland are on hand to help with this decision. Our gaming PCs for sale are not off-the-shelf, but worked out in detail and divided into clear series - to make your decision easier.

Our entry series with Joule Force Nuke / Strike is for anyone wanting to purchase affordable gaming PCs with renowned and proven components, but without the swagger. The series is focused on high-performance configurations with an unbeatable price-performance ratio. The components work together perfectly, allowing long-term, easy gaming with quality and reliability optionally in performance spheres from Full HD to 4K.

With Joule Performance eSports, you will be dazzled by both the performance and the design of the eSports series. The series of Gaming PCs for sophisticated gamers who also want to see a stylish gaming PC alongside the display.

Joule Performance Rage Series offers the highest quality products available among non-watercooled systems. The metal housing with its discreet design leaves the essentials inside visible. Premium wherever you look. The value is in every fibre of the simplest cables here. All components have been selected especially for the Rage Series - ensuring that the series meets our definition of a Premium High End Gaming PC.

Spectacular systems with factory overclocked processor featuring water cooling meet water-cooled graphics cards. The Joule Performance Core Gaming PCs are all unique in design and are absolute gaming PC highlights in handmade perfection.

Which gaming PC is right for you?

Is the gaming PC of the highest quality certification the right one for you too? Intel Core processors are a legitimate reason to buy, just as AMD Ryzen processors have their pros and cons. Do I opt for NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti or AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT for the graphics card?

In addition to all the information about the clock rate, number of cores, available video memory or the capacity of the SSD, there is one essential question: How many FPS am I buying with this gaming PC? You can view all gaming PCs available for purchase directly with the FPS figures attained in the test for resolutions in Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels), WQHD (2560 x 1440 pixels) and 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) with a preselected game.

We explain how and where to check the FPS of your gaming PC here:

Real FPS data for all our gaming PCs

The FPS in the game is not the only important factor when deciding which gaming PC to buy. We'll show you even more noteworthy tips on how to buy:

  • How many frames per second can be achieved by the gaming PC during play
  • How loud the gaming PC is
  • How high the gaming PC’s energy use is

In our quest to build the best gaming PCs, we don't focus solely on brute performance. Our own claim, the construction of technically flawless products, includes in particular another rare predicate: a quiet PC.

More information on this topic and our test processes can be found here:

The noise rating of our gaming PCs 

Why it’s better to buy a pre-defined gaming PC

The pre-configured gaming PCs by Joule Performance Switzerland offer an unbeatable advantage: Security in your purchase. Due to the fact that there is no free choice in components, the system quality, performance and volume can be checked and maintained at any time. For this reason, transparent details on FPS, volume and energy use are available, offering secure purchase of a gaming PC without any surprises.

If you still have questions on buying a gaming PC - ask the experts! 

Even the most compelling selection can be challenging and make a decision incredibly difficult. We would be delighted to support you at any time in your purchase of a gaming PC and together with you, will find your perfect gaming system by telephone, email or live chat.