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Watercooled gaming PCs

Extreme cooling performance, breathtaking appearance, minimal noise: Enthusiasts who want all this for their gaming PC rely on custom water cooling. In contrast to air coolers or so-called AIOs (all-in-one water coolers), each water-cooled gaming PC from Joule Performance Switzerland is a unique, hand-built piece, perfectly matched to the installed components. No compromises, only the best craftsmanship for perfect water cooling!

Who profits most from buying a water-cooled gaming PC?

The question “air or water?” is a popular (and probably never-ending) topic of discussion amongst gamers. The answer depends mainly on how the PC is used: For entry-level gaming PCs up to the medium performance range, air cooling or AIO is usually sufficient.

In the high-end range, water cooling is the only way to achieve the highest performance and maximum durability of all components. Water cooling is also the best option for style enthusiasts: The stunning look of a custom water cooling system is unmatched!

Buy water-cooled gaming PCs at Joule Performance Switzerland

Building a water cooling system requires excellent craftsmanship , extensive knowledge, high-quality components and a lot of time. That's why we offer you a large selection of pre-built gaming PCs with custom water cooling — built, filled and tested by experts.

This is why you profit from buying from Joule Performance: Water-cooled gaming PCs are not just one of many offers or a small side-part of our business: The origin of Joule Performance lies in custom water cooling! Only highly experienced experts, gaming enthusiasts and great craftsmen get to work on our water-cooled masterpieces.

All water-cooling systems are planned and built in our in-house workshop. No hobbyists, no mass production, no compromises! This ensures, that every water-cooled gaming PC is built to perfection In a word: #swisscraftedgaming

Highest performance, maximum silence – the 35db(A) guarantee

Even if a water-cooled system is beautiful: When the Pc’s noise level becomes a nuisance on start-up or at the latest during gaming, the fun is over quickly. That is why one of our main foci lies on low noise levels — in all our systems, whether with or without water cooling.

We set special standards for custom water cooling systems: All of our water-cooled gaming PCs are designed to run as silently as possible. We ensure a perfect balance between particularly quiet and particularly powerful components.

The result: Our water-cooled systems reach a maximum of 35db(A) — even at full performance! This is roughly equivalent to quiet whispering in a completely quiet room. For comparison: The normal daily noise level in your home is around 40db(A).

Further information about the noise rating of our Gaming PC

Watercooled PCs with only selected components

A water-cooling system is only as powerful (and leak-proof!) as the parts that are used. Components of inferior quality so not only look bad, but also lead to a variety of problems: From poor cooling performance to water leakage.

For the perfect balance of performance, quiet operation and durability, for our water-cooled PCs we principally use high-quality components from well-known manufacturers:

  1. Corsair HydroX: High-quality components with maximum compatibility. Unlimited customisation and fine-tuning thanks to Corsair's special iCUE software.
  2. EK Waterblocks: Specialised in water-cooling components for over 20 years. Repeatedly award-winning products. Full support for the latest CPUs and GPUs.

Exclusive service for our watercooled gaming PCs

In order for you to enjoy your water-cooled gaming PC for a long time, your purchase from Joule Performance Switzerland always includes an exclusive water-cooling service package:

  1. Secure shipping: All water-cooled systems are shipped fully loaded, "ready to play". To ensure that your system arrives safely, each water-cooled system is only shipped on a pallet and directly through a forwarding agent. For more information: Payment and Shipping
  2. Guaranteed reliability: Our Core and Craft water-cooled PC series come with a 3-year full warranty. On request, we can also provide an extended warranty. Read more about this in our FAQ.