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Buy the gaming laptop that’s right for you at Joule Performance Switzerland

Modern gaming laptops offer powerful performance for immersive, fluid gaming wherever you are and in the smallest of spaces. A gaming laptop is a great choice for gamers who want to stay flexible and mobile:

Do you want to have flexibility in how you work, and jump straight into the next game when you’ve finished for the day? Are you always on the move and don’t want to miss out on your favourite games? Is hauling your gaming PC over to friends’ houses and LAN parties proving exhausting? Then a gaming notebook is the ideal solution.

The gaming laptops from Joule Performance offer you powerful gaming performance and ultimate quality for maximum durability, and this across several series with multiple models designed to meet your exact needs:

  • Gaming laptop ARGOS – For those new to the world of mobile gaming
  • Gaming laptop ARES – for maximum portable gaming performance

Difference between office laptops and gaming notebooks

Office laptops and ultrabooks are primarily designed to be lightweight. They aren’t geared to high graphics performance and long gaming sessions, which quickly becomes apparent through limited graphics quality, low FPS and temperature-related problems.

Gaming notebooks, on the other hand, are designed to meet the demands of current and future games: powerful graphics performance, high-resolution displays and an adapted air flow enable smooth gaming for hours at a time. Gaming laptops tend to be a bit heavier and thicker than office laptops, but this pays off in terms of the performance they deliver. 

Difference between gaming PCs and gaming notebooks

A gaming notebook is much more portable than a gaming PC, which often weighs 10 kg or more. Plus a gaming laptop doesn’t necessarily need a monitor and keyboard. A gaming laptop is ideal for carrying with you or when there isn’t a lot of space available!

While components such as CPUs and GPUs can be replaced relatively easily on a desktop PC, this isn’t so much the case with gaming laptops. There are, therefore, a few things you should consider when buying a gaming laptop. The key points are listed in the checklist below: 


Checklist: Buying a gaming laptop

  • Processor: This is the beating heart of the gaming laptop, and it needs to have enough power for current and future games. A CPU should have at least six cores, with eight being better still. The letter H (e.g. i9-12900H) stands for “High Performance”, i.e. extra strong performance for demanding gaming. Our gaming laptops are always equipped with H processors.
  • Graphics card: For modern games and gamers who want top-quality graphics, graphics cards from the NVIDIA GeForce 30 series are definitely the best choice. Beginners should look for at least a RTX 3050 TI or RTX 3060. For avid gamers and graphically demanding games, gaming laptops need to offer at least an RTX 3070 or RTX 3080. Be aware that the more power a graphics card delivers, the higher its TGP. This means more performance but also higher power consumption.
  • Screen size: Are 17-inch or even 15-inch laptops enough for gaming? A definite yes for the vast majority of notebook gamers. As users are much closer to the display than with PCs, smaller screens are absolutely enough. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference: 15-inch laptops are somewhat lighter and smaller , while 17-inch laptops offer a better gaming experience. For stationary gaming, you can always connect any of our Joules Performance gaming laptops to an extra external monitor.
  • Screen resolution: The higher the screen resolution, the more immersive the gaming experience! Make sure the resolution is as high as possible and that the refresh rate is at least 144 Hz so that high-detail games run smoothly and you get to experience their full brilliance. The resolution also needs to match the size of the screen: FHD is a good option for 15-inch notebooks. For 17-inch displays, QHD or 4K is worthwhile for optimal density of detail.
  • Storage: For a lasting gaming experience on a gaming laptop, we recommend the same as we do for gaming PCs; at least 16GB RAM, preferably 32GB. The hard drive (ideally a fast SSD) should offer at least 1000GB (1TB) of storage. It’s worth buying an external hard drive for portable use if more memory is required.
  • Ventilation and cooling: High-performance processors and graphics cards are heat-intensive. As a result, a gaming laptop needs to offer optimal ventilation so that gaming sessions don’t come to an early end thanks to loud, annoying fan noise and more serious temperature-related problems. Admittedly, this is difficult to know without dismantling the laptop itself, which is why you should go for reliable manufacturers like Joule Performance, who use high-quality laptop casings and fans (see also the section on construction below)
  • Construction: Robust construction is extremely important as a gaming laptop is exposed to more frequent physical stresses because of its portability. Signs of high-quality workmanship include top-grade laptop casing, tough hinges and quiet-running fans. The same advice applies here: go for well-known manufacturers like Joule Performance with extensive quality controls and good customer support. That way you can rest assured that your gaming laptop is what you want it to be.

Gaming laptops from Joule Performance Switzerland – portable high-end products made by gaming experts

There are plenty of gaming laptop suppliers out there to choose from. However, our gaming laptops offer you three unbeatable advantages:

  1. Real #swisscraftedgaming:  
    We are gamers, enthusiasts and perfectionists and apply all that we are not just to gaming PCs, but to our gaming notebooks as well. Joule Performance gaming laptops don’t come off the shelf as with many other manufacturers. We carefully select all casings and hand-assemble each gaming laptop with optimised hardware in our own workshops to deliver a full gaming experience without compromise. We offer real gaming craftsmanship by professionals, not run-of-the-mill products.
  2. Strict quality control:  
    Comprehensive functional checks, gaming performance testing and benchmarks for volume and power consumption all come as standard with us. So you know, for example, how many FPS your favourite game will run at before buying. Find out more here: Noise rating - FPS check
  3. Models for every preference:  
    Whether you’re a casual or core gamer, we have different laptop models to meet all kinds of needs, preferences and types of use:

    The ARGOS series is aimed at newcomers to the world of gaming laptops, who want solid performance and a perfect balance between personal and gaming use.  
    The ARES series offers absolute top performance for enthusiasts looking to play demanding games with stellar graphics in long sessions with other gamers.

    Both series feature a wide range of models from 15-inch to 17-inch screens and FHD to QHD resolutions. All Joule Performance gaming laptops come with at least 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD storage, regardless of the series. With high-quality casings, a maximum weight of 3kg and a 2-year full warranty, they are the ideal choice for home use and on the move.