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For us, building your PC is the greatest thing in the world. If necessary, we would even storm the peak of the Matterhorn for it. And who could climb higher than Swiss professionals?

As a proprietary brand of Littlebit Technology, one of the largest hardware distributors in Europe, our expertise is not only homegrown. We also have access to one of the best sources of hardware with the fastest contact routes directly to the manufacturers. In addition, the world-renowned Swiss precision is present in every step of our work.

Climb higher with quality and service from Switzerland!


Ultimate gaming PCs for ultimate gamers: experience high-performance gaming up to 8K resolution with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 with a maximum of 24GB G6X memory. The latest graphics card generation allows for up to 2x more performance and efficiency and has 2x more AI performance for even better DLSS3. 



Dominate the battle with ARES!

Enter the gaming Olympus with brutal performance. Achieve the best performance with the unbeatable combination of Intel Core and Nvidia GeForce RTX ™: face every challenge with ease thanks to the unprecedented multitasking performance of 12th generation Intel Core processors. At the same time, enjoy ultimate graphics performance, stunning ray-tracing graphics, and advanced AI features of the 30 series GeForce RTX GPUs. 



Here you will find great deals at the best prices! The last of their kind (individual items), products on current special promotions, or systems that have been removed from the range (for example, because there is a successor). The rule is: once they're gone, they're gone!

Refurbished systems are also available, which were only used as exhibition or loaned items and are virtually new - only better for your wallet ;-) 

- Certified Refurbished with full warranty

- Refurbished and fully tested

Why Joule Performance Switzerland is the right choice for every hardware solution

Joule Performance has been the go-to brand for the perfect PC gaming experience for over 5 years now, and is also committed to delivering comfort and performance in the workplace. Our drive and passion for our products are part of who we are. Our Swiss heritage means that we pay the utmost attention to the quality of our components and our manufacturing. It’s down to these quality standards that we can provide transparent information on expected performance as well as on noise levels and energy consumption. This is what gives us our edge.

We’ve found a way forward to embrace our philosophy and maintain the origin of our products, which means that we can make our Swiss quality goods available internationally in Germany, Austria and France. In these countries, customers can count on easy, problem-free delivery of original Swiss products each and every time .

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Why buying a pre-configured gaming PC is better

As experts, we put all our knowledge, experience and insight into our products. And that’s always to your advantage. When you buy one of our PCs, you are guaranteed maximum performance in a tested configuration. This means that the information provided is completely transparent; you can be totally sure of your purchase when it comes to your chosen gaming FPS, volume output and energy consumption. Thanks to our extensive range of models and different configurations, there’s a gaming PC ready and waiting for everyone.

How to find the gaming PC or laptop that’s right for you

Like what we have to offer but can’t decide on a PC? There are definitely a lot of different gaming PCs to chose from in our selection. And that’s why we have developed our Pathfinder tool; a filter function that provides you with a preselection of PCs that match your criteria. Find your dream PC the easy way. Select:

  • processor and graphic card preferences
  • a current game for the FPS check
  • Full HD, WQHD or 4K / UHD resolutions
  • the minimum FPS for your chosen game
  • the maximum PC volume from low-noise to performance-oriented

Whether you use our Pathfinder or other filter functions, it’s easy to get an overview of Joule Performance PCs.

High-end gaming PCs crafted by experts

The expert touch that started it all. High-end gaming PCs from Joule Performance Switzerland have not only been our passion since the brand’s inception, but are also the essence of our commitment to excellence. We don’t define a high-end gaming PC solely by its performance. Our eSports and Rage series deliver on high performance and the latest technologies, whereas the Core and Craft series cover the demand for handcrafted custom water cooling systems. Components are selected using strict criteria in both segments before we recommend them to you. At Joule Performance, we offer high-end gaming PCs crafted by experts!

Gaming PCs that strike the perfect balance between performance and price

We also have gaming PCs to suit every budget! Our entry-level gaming PCs are a great option for affordable performance gaming. This range specifically dispenses with optional components, e.g. flashy RGB elements. But the focus is still on high-quality components that offer great performance and reliability. These are tailored to the relevant processors and graphics cards for smooth gaming, with options ranging from Full-HD to UHD/4K. Our gaming PC configurations deliver well-rounded performance at a reasonable price!

Gaming laptops in a class of their own

Gaming in a portable format anytime and anywhere. Joule Performance gaming laptops have all you need for hours of entertainment. We apply the quality of our brand just as much to gaming laptops as we do to our high-end and gaming PCs; we only offer top-quality products. The performance of our gaming laptops comes close to that of gaming PCs. There are no surprises here either thanks to our transparent information on performance, noise output and energy consumption. When it comes to buying a gaming laptop, you won’t find anywhere else that offers our level of information, reliability and quality.

Joule Performance Switzerland now offers more than first-class gaming PCs

Our commitment to producing the best PCs in the world isn’t enough for us. Creating ideal workstations or comfortable gaming rooms at home requires much more than just a PC. That’s why we have extended our expertise and Swiss values to other aspects too.

Gaming chairs with throne-level comfort

Every adventurer needs a throne for their ultimate gaming experience. And that’s where Joule Performance comes into play. Our gaming chairs are designed to provide solid support during battle without the sacrifice of comfort. A choice of imitation or real leather and seating/ reclining surfaces in genuine Italian Alcantara mean that any world empire or Excel spreadsheet can be conquered! Buy a gaming chair that really makes an impression:

The best selection of gaming gear and peripherals

Our range of quality products also includes accessories and peripherals. We only list products that have impressed us in terms of their quality and usability. We have everything a gamer’s heart or workplace needs, from compact mice and large monitors to streaming gear. Joule Performance Switzerland offers you high-quality products that equip you perfectly for what you want to do. Take a look!

Guaranteed superior quality, even in the case of a warranty claim

Our commitment sounds wonderful in theory, but it can also be expressed in numbers. Subject to product type, Joule Performance PCs, laptops and gaming chairs are guaranteed for 2-3 years. This excludes accessories and peripherals, which are covered by the respective manufacturer’s warranty.

And if for some reason you aren’t satisfied with your product, we still have an ace up our sleeve: our customer service team. By staying true to our roots, we provide excellent Swiss-standard customer service that is:

  • Impartial
  • Cooperative
  • Always customer-oriented

 We don’t just understand service. Joule Performance is service.

Still have questions about buying your high-end gaming PC? – ask the experts! 

Even the best selection can prove daunting and making a decision can be hard. We’re always on hand to support you with your gaming PC purchase and will help you find your perfect gaming system over the phone, by email or via live chat.