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  1. High End Gaming PC RTX4070TIS I9 32GB 2TB L1127551
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    CPU Intel Core i9 14900F 24-Core
    GPU GeForce RTX 4070 TIS 16 GB
    RAM 32 GB GB DDR5-5600 MHz
    SSD 2000 GB PCIe 4.0 NVMe
    OS Windows 11 Home
    In Stock Ships within ca. 4-6 weeks

    Unmatched high-end gaming PC with RTX 4070 Ti Super, latest generation i9, and fast DDR5 memory for professional-grade gaming.

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High End Gaming PCs for uncompromising Performance

Whether an enthusiast, e-sports fan or streamer: With our high-end gaming PCs, you will get uncompromising systems for maximum performance. The basic equipment includes powerful processors, the latest graphics solutions, large RAM and hard drives - hand-selected and brought together to create works of art for real #swisscraftedgaming !

The focus is not only brute computing power, but also

  • high-quality design
  • perfect cooling
  • minimal noise

All brought together in unique high-end systems for all gamers with the highest standards.

What is important on high-end gaming PCs?

A proper high-end gaming PC has more than just the latest components. Only a targeted and perfectly coordinated composition can meet all demands: Smooth gaming in the highest resolution and graphics quality with uncompromising reliability.

The basis for every high-end gaming PC is of course the selected hardware: the CPU, graphics card, RAM, power supply and hard drives must form a fast and future-proof unit. This is the only way to ensure that you do not have to worry about FPS drops, long load times or crashes - or about frequent costly hardware updates. After all, not only must the current games run at the highest quality, but future ones need to as well!

Do you want to make sure that your current favourite game really runs smoothly? Use the pathfinder to find real FPS specifications for all known resolutions on each of our PCs, from full HD to 4K. You can find more information about the topic and our test methods here: Real FPS specifications for all of our gaming PCs

In addition to these aspects, we at Joule Performance Switzerland place far higher standards on a real high-end gaming PC, including:

  • Cooling: Components can only run at peak performance if they do not go up in flames! OK, maybe flames is a bit of an exaggeration. But the cooling has to be right. That is why without exception we use water cooling for high-end PCs. An all-in-one (AIO) water cooling allows for a high cooling performance with a discreet look as well as easy maintenance. A handcrafted custom water cooling with hard tubes offers the best possible cooling, and a spectacular look to boot!
  • Noise: There is hardly anything more annoying when gaming than a constant annoying buzzing in your ear. That is why we place the highest value on noise development and put every system through its paces. Your high-end gaming PC should not only be super fast and absolutely reliable, but also quiet! You can find more information about the topic and our test methods here:Noise specifications of our PCs
  • The look: Your high-end gaming PC is more than just a work device! That's why it has to look good too. A good case not only offers “something for the eyes”, but is also the basis for durability, cooling and noise. That is why we only use high-quality cases for our high-end PCs from renowned manufactures, such as Corsair, be quiet! or ASUS. These cases not only offer enough space for the components as well as a good air flow, but also a great look at your system. The selection ranges from simple to elegant to sporty. So that your high-end gaming PC fits your style exactly.

What is the best high-end gaming PC?

THE gamer and THE game do not exist. Correspondingly, there is not THE high-end gaming PC. That is why Joule Performance Switzerland offers a wide selection of unique high-end systems. Whether an enthusiast, pro gamer or streamer, you will find the ideal complete solution here for any need.

All series have one thing in common: All components are carefully coordinated to each other, assembled manually and put through their paces.

In addition to special models, you will find our proven high-end PC series here:

  • Joule Performance eSports: The eSports series meets the highest standards of professional gamers and e-sports enthusiasts. Compete in the most demanding competitions with the perfect balance of high-end performance and a stylish and sporty look.
  • Joule Performance Rage: With the Rage series, you are getting the premium for gaming and for your eyes! Durable and elegant, the high-quality metal case gives you a spectacular view of the inner workings. The Rage series proves: high-end gaming and aesthetics go perfectly together!
  • Joule Performance Darkstream: Maximum reliability, maximum power and minimum noise development in one - this is masterpiece that the high-end PCs from the Darkstream series offer you. Every Darkstream is equipped with a high-quality Elgato Capture card so that your 4K stream can start smoothly right away. Camera, lights, action!

Why choose a high-end gaming PC from Joule Performance Switzerland?

For maximum gaming performance, many aspects work together, which require both current expertise and a lot of time:

  • The right selection of components
  • Careful assembly
  • Extensive functional testing
  • Maintenance and upgrading

You get all of this included with the Joule Performance high-end PCs. Your unbeatable advantage: Security when buying! You can always rely on the fact that your new high-end PC was planned, built and put through its paces by real professionals. Unlike with other freely combinable systems, we can guarantee a consistent quality, performance and noise on every single high-end PC. This makes it possible to provide reliable specifications about FPS, noise and energy consumption and we offer you a reliable purchase without unpleasant surprises.

Even after you make your purchase, you benefit from comprehensive service for your high-end PC:

  • a full 3-year warranty
  • upgrade service without loss of warranty
  • competent contact partners available at any time

To sum it up: You focus on gaming, we’ll take care of everything else! You will find more information in our FAQ.

Still have questions about buying your high-end gaming PC? – ask the experts! 

Even the best selection can prove daunting and making a decision can be hard. We’re always on hand to support you with your gaming PC purchase and will help you find your perfect gaming system over the phone, by email or via live chat.