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  1. Workstation ProArt RTX4060 R5 32GB 1TB L1129645
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    CPU Ryzen 5 7600x
    GPU GeForce RTX 4060 8 GB
    RAM 32 GB GB DDR5-5200 MHz
    SSD 1000 GB PCIe NVMe
    OS Windows 11 Pro
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    Equipped with an RTX 4060 graphics card, Ryzen 5 7600X processor, and 32 GB DDR5-5200 RAM, this ProArt Workstation delivers powerful computing for demanding software.

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  2. l1128325_hero
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    CPU Core i9 14900K 24-Core
    GPU GeForce RTX 4090 24 GB
    RAM 64 GB GB DDR5-6400 MHz
    SSD 2000 GB
    OS Windows 11 Pro
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    This high-performance workstation comes equipped with an NVIDIA RTX 4090 graphics card, Intel i9 14900K processor, and 64 GB DDR5-6400 RAM. It delivers outstanding speed and efficiency for professional applications requiring maximum computing power.

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Workstation buy at Joule Performance Switzerland

The Joule Performance Workstations are particularly powerful workstations for technical and scientific applications or for editing audio and video data.  

The Joule Performance Workstation range covers the requirements of various professions and applications:


Workstation for CAD and construction

  • with ArchiCAD  
  • with AutoCAD
  • with Inventor  
  • with Siemens NX  
  • with Vectorworks
  • with Solidworks
  • with Rhinoceros Rhino 7

Workstation for visualisations

  • with Cinema 4D  
  • with Blender
  • with Autodesk Maya
  • with Maxwell Render
  • with Unreal Engine 5
  • with OctaneRender

Workstation for image and video editing

  • with Adobe Premiere
  • with Davinci Resolve
  • with Final Cut Pro 

What is the difference between a workstation and a PC? 

The difference between a workstation and a PC for private or normal business use is the equipment. The core element of a workstation is a professional ISV-certified graphics card. Furthermore, workstations use high-performance processors and a lot of powerful RAM. This gives a workstation the performance for 3D design, computer simulations, video rendering and virtual reality applications.

What to look for when buying a workstation? 

To achieve maximum productivity, the workstation must be able to fully exploit the potential of the application.

Recommendations from manufacturer of the applications

The manufacturers of software applications usually give recommendations for suitable hardware. When purchasing a workstation, it is worthwhile to consider the system specifications recommended by the software manufacturer.

These indicate, for example, whether the application can use processors with several cores, or whether it works better with only one processor core with a high clock rate.

If you pay attention to the requirements of the software you are using, this has two positive effects:

  1. there are no bottlenecks in the system that slow down productivity
  2. the workstation is not unnecessarily made more expensive by superfluous features.

The security of the ISV certificate  

When choosing a graphics card, the decisive factor is whether it has an ISV certificate for the application used. 
The ISV (Independent Software Vendor), i.e. the seller of software applications, tests the hardware together with the software. He checks, for example, whether a graphics card is compatible with a certain CAD software and functions stably. If this is the case, the ISV issues the graphics card the ISV certificate for the CAD application.

Therefore, the ISV certification confirms that the application is optimally supported by the graphics card and that the graphics card manufacturer supplies the appropriate drivers.