Power workstations improve competitiveness

In order for you to be as productive as possible as a designer, architect, product designer or technical planner, you need the right CAD/CAE application on the one hand and the right workstation on the other.

Like most industries, product development and architecture are required to speed up processes in order to shorten development and planning time and remain competitive. The choice of work equipment is crucial. Hardware and software must be optimally coordinated. For maximum productivity, the workstation must be able to fully exploit the potential of the application.

Application-oriented hardware selection

The requirements for hardware components - especially processors and graphics cards - vary depending on the application used. CAD applications, for example, usually only address a single processor core for design, which should ideally be clocked very high. For 3D visualisations, on the other hand, the software is optimally supported with multi-core processors by distributing the computing load in parallel across several processor cores. In our guide to buying workstations, we highlight the aspects that help you make the right choice. 

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