Mini Gaming PC

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Buy Mini Gaming PCs with big performance at Joule Performance Switzerland

For gamers with limited space or who often transport their gaming companion, bulky desktop PCs can quickly become a problem. If you're looking for powerful gaming performance in a small form factor, a Mini Gaming PC from Joule Performance Switzerland is for you.  

Our small gaming PCs offer the same performance as a normal gaming PC, with fast gaming CPUs from Intel or AMD and modern NVIDIA RTX or AMD Radeon graphics cards - only smaller and lighter. A mini gaming PC is the perfect solution for small desks or your next LAN party! 

Advantages of small gaming PCs at a glance 

  • Compact design: Mini Gaming PCs are much smaller than conventional gaming PCs and therefore take up much less space. 
  • High flexibility: Due to their smaller size and less weight, Mini Gaming PCs are easier to transport and can be taken along comfortably. 
  • Powerful components: Despite their compact size, our Mini Gaming PCs are equipped with state-of-the-art components and offer true #swisscraftedgaming performance! 

Cool, quiet and powerful - how to choose the best Mini Gaming PC 

Due to their small size, mini gaming PCs have some special features. Therefore, you should consider some important factors when buying a small gaming PC: 

High-quality Mini-ITX and Micro-ATX cases

Compact Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX cases save space. But you shouldn't compromise on quality! For our Mini Gaming PCs, we only choose cases from renowned manufacturers with high-quality workmanship, sufficient space and ideal airflow. 

Powerful gaming components in a compact format 

Less space does not mean less performance! We equip our "minis" with powerful Intel Core or AMD Ryzen processors and matching mainboards. Add to that powerful NVIDIA RTX and AMD Radeon graphics cards, lightning-fast RAM and modern SSD drives. 

Maximum cooling performance in the smallest of spaces 

With mini cases, the risk of overheating is greater than with standard PCs. That's why only the best cooling solutions are used in our Mini PCs: All-In-One water cooling systems are both compact and stylish and offer intensive cooling even in the smallest space. 

If you're looking for a powerful gaming PC that saves space and has the best hardware at the same time, you'll find it in our small PCs and mini gaming PCs!